Wintry things

The leaves have fallen from their thin bare branches,
There is snow on the ground,
This is a poem about Wintry Things,
The air is frozen
and so is the joy,
Such is life in the small town of Troy,
The spirit is gone,
There are no bright lights,
There’s something in this town
That’s colder Than ice,
The date is christmas eve
But no jolly soul as far as I can see,
Something is wrong with this town but what could it be,
The doors all slam shut,
The windows creak open,
This town starts scaring me,
The shadows seem to move,
The wind carries whispered screams,
There is something wrong with this town,
That much I can see.

One comment

  1. mrsdsroadrunners · January 22, 2020 at 2:51 pm ·

    Your poem about Wintry Things is wonderful! I love the cold energy you add to your lines. The shift in tone towards the end of the poem is especially effective.
    Keep the writing going!
    Mrs. D