The King

Once upon a time there was a young Prince. The Prince loved to play games and pretend he was a brave knight Saving the kingdom from dragons.
Seventeen years later the prince has grown into a man and claims the King’s throne. He sits on his throne and listens patiently to the requests of his loyal people. The prince did this every day for hours so that he could answer all of his people’s requests for you see he was very proud to call them his people and he knew that calling them his people came with the responsibility of taking good care of these people. One day the king met a very strange man who had a very strange request. The strange man had asked for him to step down from his throne and take a long stroll around the entire kingdom. The King agreed at once because at the time he could see no harm in a long stroll to catch some fresh air. The King was barely five steps out of the throne room however, when the doors slammed shut behind him. He turned to demand that the culprit open the doors at once when he was suddenly being dragged out by the guards. He shouted for them to stop for he was the King and they had no right to lay their hands on him but he was already being flung out of the large entrance hall and onto the pearly white marble steps. The guards walked slowly back into the castle without looking back at their former King. Now that the King had been stripped of his title he was nothing, he had no home, no name, and, like salt on his wounds, no people to call his own. The king King however had always been a man of action and spent little time contemplating how wrong his life had gone because that led to self pity which led to nothing being done. So he set off at once for the nearest inn where he would stay until morning at which time he would set off on his journey to reclaim the throne.
It had been three weeks since the King had first left on his journey but he had still only scratched at the surface of it. While he was stopping by a tavern to restock his supplies he heard one of the local drunks talking about a sorcerer who was infamous for burning entire villages and killing all of the survivors. The King knew at once that this was the way that he would reclaim his throne he would kill the evil sorcerer and be considered a hero and his people would have to make him King again. He set off once more but this time it was different he felt different he had a purpose. Each time the King stopped he would hear more about the sorcerer and he would find snippets of information as to where he was and where he was going. As the King went north to the sorcerer the air got colder and colder he realized that he was not prepared for this kind of weather for his people and his castle were located in the southern regions of the world where it was much warmer and so they had no need for heavy clothing. He also realized that he was running out of the money he had had on him from when he had been stripped of his throne. He decided to save his money and make his own coat out of fur from an animal. The only problem with that was that he hadn’t seen anything worth hunting since he had left the last town so he continued on his journey constantly aware of the cold buiting him like a savage dog but constantly forced himself to block out the pain.
It was towards the end of the day and the King was about to start making camp when he heard a growl from behind him. He looked back and saw a wolf standing only a few feet behind him. This was the perfect opportunity to make a coat, the wolf was larger than average but there was only one so it wouldn’t be too much trouble. He unsheathed his knife and crouched down ready to spring when something sprang out of the bushes to his right. He turned just in time to see a wolf even bigger than the first lunging for his throat. He moved just in time so that the wolf’s teeth sank into his arm, wounding him instead of killing him like it would have if he hadn’t moved. He was about to stab his knife into the wolf’s ribs when yet another wolf landed his teeth on the king’s other arm. Just then a dozen more wolves came through the shrubbery. The wolves just kept on coming until they must have 200 in the small clearing. Then the wolves holding onto his arms let go and joined the rest of their pack. The King didn’t dare move in case the wolves attacked in which case he would be dead in seconds. One wolf stepped through the crowd and nudged the King’s shoulder. The wolf had to be at least six feet tall and it towered over the King as it repeatedly nudged him and whined until the King slowly stood up unsure if this was what he was supposed to be doing. When he had fully stood up the wolves parted as if to let him through the moment he had cleared the circle of wolves they started growling. The King immediately understood, he was going to be a game they were going to toy with him chasing him biting him killing him until there was nothing left in him, he was going to die here in this forest nowhere near any form of civilization except for this massive pack of oversized wolves, genetic freaks in the eyes of nature a mistake. The King walked slowly out of the clearing thinking back on his dull life. He had never been in true combat, never exerted to his limit, never trying hard enough to get something that he had even gotten off his throne. In truth this journey had been the most exciting thing he had ever done, he’d had so many new experiences and learned so many new lessons. And now he was going to die, that would be a new experience too. All of this, everything new had happened in the short time since he had left his town and title behind. The savage dogs were coming. Death was coming and the King was ready to welcome them.
Death had arrived. The pain had been unlike anything the King had ever felt before and it was exhilarating. In another moment the King was dead. But this death did not feel right. It was too peaceful here as if no one had ever been here before as if no one ever would be again. The King was confused. He had not expected this. He had not expected to wait in this place alone. He had not even thought he would keep consciousness but he did. The King waited centuries and centuries and still he was alone. As time passed the King learned more and more about himself and his own consciousness. He discovered that he was practically god and that he could make matter. He made everything he could imagine until he thought about making a planet to put it all on.
After millions of years of evolution he created people. A couple billion years later they nearly killed out their entire race. Another million years and they revolted against him. The King was scared that they would actually kill him so he decided to kill them first with things that he pulled from their darkest nightmares. He made creatures specifically for making their worst fears into reality. He liked to watch when that happened because it brought him a certain kind of joy that you can only get by watching your people be killed by their own imaginations. And then he realised how sick that was and that at a time he would have treasured this rulership and treated his creations with nothing but the utmost best that he could. He thought about that for a long time until eventually he decided to stop the creatures who he had made to destroy his people. The King tired and tried but he could not find a way to stop the creatures but of course this made no sense because he was the creator and he had unlimited power. The King tried everything he could but nothing worked until his last choice to give himself a form and kill the beasts himself. When the King had finished with his new body he went down to a small civilization of his people that was being attacked by the beasts. By the time he was on the ground the king had realized that he had not given this body anything to fight the beasts. The King tried to make some but since he had given up his position as creator he found that he couldn’t.
The king landed right in the middle of the pack of beasts and felt a strange feeling of familiarity. Then one of the beasts launched themselves at the King’s throat. The King ducked just in time and the beast’s mighty claws clamped into the sin on his forearm. Another came from behind him and then another and another until he was completely covered in the giant strangely wolf-like beasts. Then, he remembered why he had felt like he had done this before, this was how he had died. He had been surrounded by wolves and ripped to shreds but this time something was different, this time he was doing this to protect his people.

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  1. mrsdsroadrunners · March 5, 2020 at 12:45 am ·

    Hi Ryan,
    WOW! The story includes so much detail and you developed the character so fully. It is a delight to read! Thanks and keep writing please.
    Mrs. D