Ninja chicken and Dangerous chicken: The adventure to take over the world Volume 2

Bobby had been falling for the last hour and wondered if there was an actual bottom to this cave. He had been stuck in the Savannah alone, because Dangerous chicken had been kidnapped and Bobby was trying to find him. Bobby had been getting really tired and he needed a place to rest when he saw a cave that didn’t appear to have anything wrong with it at first glance but then when Bobby was in the middle of setting up the fire the floor came out from under his feet and he had started falling. Now here he was still falling and coming to the conclusion that this was a bottomless hole and he would be stuck falling in here until he died of starvation.Then he woke up. He was back in the cave in the middle of the Savannah and he wasn’t falling down an endless pit so he must have dreamt it. But it didn’t feel like a dream; it felt more forceful than a dream as if it was already set in stone and been placed into his mind without him knowing and he wasn’t able to change it at all. It was already morning and so Bobby set out on his adventure once more. Then he woke up again. When he sat up it was night time and he was in a desert. He decided to go outside and see what was going on but the moment he stepped out of the cave he woke up in the Savannah again. Now Bobby was really confused. Every time he tried to step out of the cave he was suddenly just waking up again and for some reason his situation changed little by little every time whether it was transporting him to a new geographic feature or him waking up to snarling lions just outside the cave where he had to go in order to wake up again and when the lions finished with him he woke up again without so much as a scratch.
Bobby had no idea how much time had passed since he had first entered the cave. He was only alive right now because occasionally when he would wake up after trying to leave the cave there would be a couple berries or something to keep him from dying. Bobby had eventually gotten into a routine, every time he woke up again he would check if it was day or night and if it was light outside then he would try to leave the cave in hopes that this time he might actually escape and if it was night he would sleep until morning. Bobby was sleeping when the team of swat chickens came. The moment the swat chickens came Bobby was up on his feet ready for a fight. He took down three of the six chickens before they were able to pin him to the ground. They bound his feet and wings and put a bag over his head and started dragging him towards the cave exit. Bobby went along with it because he knew that this could go two ways, one Bobby would wake up in the back of the cave again or two the swat chickens could actually get him out in which case the moment he was out of the cave he would try to find an opening to escape. Bobby did not find a chance to escape because immediately after they left the cave they joined up with another eight chickens. When the swat chickens had finally finished taking Bobby to his destination they took off the bag over his head. Bobby was in a large tent with several of the largest chickens he had ever seen before staring at him. Bobby was put in a smaller tent, after being registered as a former criminal, where he was kept for several weeks until a helicopter came to pick him up and bring him back to a high security prison. The moment the helicopter was in the air Bobby kicked the co pilot out of his seat and then knocked the pilot out with a blow from his wing. Then Bobby pressed the button to open up the fuel tank and emptied all of the fuel out onto the campsite. Then he turned the helicopter around and launched a missile directly at the main tent. Everything exploded into a massive ball of fire. Bobby jumped out of the helicopter just as it crashed into the ground sending more flames everywhere. Bobby looked around for some way to escape and found a rusted motorcycle by one of the tents. He quickly hopped onto it and rode off into the Savannah once more in search of dangerous chicken. As ninja chicken rode the motorcycle eventually sputtered to a halt. Bobby got off of the motorcycle. He was surprised to see a creature that he had never seen in his wildest dreams but felt familiar as if he knew everything about it. It was round and yellow and it had one horn on its head. When the creature turned around …
Then he woke up again. This wasn’t possible. He was back where it all started, back home. He was on his back in a large field. His brother was next to him asking if he was okay behind Bobby was his mother and next to her was his father and a couple a feet behind him was THE BUTCHER. “Nooo,” Bobby cried but it was too late. The butcher was leaning down. There was a sharp snap and the butcher came back up with Bobby’s father limp in his hands. Bobby ran up to the butcher. He scratched and kicked but the butcher was a human and Bobby was just a chicken. The Butcher noticed Bobby at his side and leant down again … there was another sharp snap but Bobby hadn’t felt any pain and then the butcher’s grin grew even wider in his other hand was Bobby’s brother.
Bobby didn’t move for three days. When he finally did get up he was filled with the resolve to one day destroy all of the humans who had created the need for butchers. Bobby trained day and night for ten years until he was transferred to a new farm away from his mother.
Bobby relived his whole life until he was back in the Savannah with the strange creature. When it turned around Bobby was struck down by a massive weight. Bobby realized the weight was coming from inside of him. Bobby looked back at the creature and knew what this pain was. It was the pain that came from loss. The pain he felt staring into the yellow creature’s over sized eyes was the pain of the loved ones of the ones he had killed. Every time he had taken a life someone had been hurt by it. In his adventure to seek revenge he had forced countless others onto his same path and this was their pain. Bobby was sinking into blackness. The pain was too much for one animal to bear. And then he felt something on his shoulder. He turned around to see dangerous chicken surrounded by thousands of animals of different species and the pain slowly went away because now there was a way to bring justice to their dead friends without causing anymore death. The round yellow creature hopped onto his shoulder and whispered into his ear. “Now you see why I had to hold you back in that cave, it was to get Dangerous chicken time to gather everyone. Now go be the most awesomest awesome NINJA CHICKEN.”