If you had no bones

One time a couple of years ago I was writing a story about having no bones and then the strangest thing happened, I found a dollar on the floor. When I got home I wasn’t feeling to good so I decided to go lay down on my bed. I thought about the things that had happened today, it was really boring and I couldn’t remember anything. Then I tried to get up for a snack but I realized I couldn’t, I immediately knew what was going on, I had lost all of my bones. I tried to remember what the names of the bones were so that I could use this as my story for science were I still had to write the story about what would happen if I had no bones and we needed to include a bunch of facts about bones so that it was much more informational and academic than entertaining. The periosteum is the outer layer of your bones, some of the longer bones in your body have a different type of bone on the end of them called spongy bones which have holes in them so that they can make the bone lighter.Yes, it was all coming back, the compact bone is underneath the periosteum and it was really hard or something, there are two types of one marrow, red and yellow, red bone marrow makes blood cells, yellow marrow makes fat cartilage and bone, I think that’s what it was. Some cells are called bone cells or something and there are two of them the osteoclast breaks down parts of the bone there is a reason but I can’t think of it right now. Thoe osteoblasts make bones and deposit calcium and phosphorus which makes the bones hard. some of the bones have cavities. Also there is a lot of stuff about muscles and joints like a joint is where two bones come together. Joints help you because the muscles attach to the bones and they push and pull on the two bones and that makes the bones move around and that is how you move. There is cartilage in between the bones to help them from rubbing together because that hurts. Ligaments hold the bones together at the joints because they are thin strips that are smooth and strong. Then I think I fell asleep because the next thing I knew I was in the hospital and they were putting a mask over my mouth and then when I opened my eyes again I was in some sort of secret science lab. When I tried to get up for a snack my body started floating in the air. I was freaking out and screaming at the ground when I should have been looking up because right above my head the fan was on and I was about to hit it, but I was on the ground for some reason. Ohhhh ok so I was actually writing the story about the bones and all of that stuff about the bones that wasn’t me using my brain to remember I was reading my notes, I Knew that I wasn’t that smart, and the thing about the fan and me flying I probably just got carried away with the story, but then when I looked up the fan was right above my head.

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  1. mrsdsroadrunners · December 27, 2019 at 6:02 pm ·

    Hi Ryan,
    You have a gripping story about being a science experiment in a secret lab. The details of bones and joints are explained well and make the story even more interesting. Keep on writing these great pieces. Your writing skills are growing just as fast as your bones this year.
    Mrs. D